Early Childhood Program

Classes of Early Childhood Program

First Steps - Early Childhood Program
( 2.5 to 5.5 years old)

The structure of a classroom environment is introduced and the children learn to take simple direction from the teacher. Children gain body awareness and begin to master group work, for example, moving in a circle or working with partners. Musicality and rhythm are taught through clapping, singing and improvising to music. Creative imagery and mime are used to help the children respond to music. Basic movement themes such as; jumping, balletic runs walks, spinning and skipping are explored as an introduction to classical ballet.

Pointe Dance Background

Elite Dance Competition Team (Vaganova)

This programme is designed to provide outstanding students with intensive training on ballet techniques and skills. Students are required to attend weekly classes where they will be trained by the Principal. They will be given the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes, dance workshops and special performances. Entries by annual audition basis. Students are challenged by the introduction of more complex adage, allegro, turning movements. The major levels focus on the development of performing artistry and virtuosity. Two hallmarks of the Russian style, expressive coordination of port de bras and powerful allegro are emphasized. Extensive pointe work for female and virtuoso allegro movements for male students are included.

Ballet Teacher Training Course

Our ballet teacher training course offers RAD and CSTD programme. Each course module is delivered by an experienced industry professional and designed to equip aspiring teacher with relevant academic knowledge and practical skills in pedagogy, dance science, safeguarding, business development, creative teaching techniques, and other key areas.

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