Pointe & Music Dance Academy

About Us


Our Goal

At Pointe & Music Dance Academy, we believe in a holistic dance education. In order for a student to reach their personal potential, multiple dance genres should be studied. Classical ballet is the foundation of all dance genres. This is where proper posture, placement and control are developed. Modern jazz exposes the students to a wide variety of styles and increases performance quality. Contemporary enhance the emotional maturity, physical strength, showmanship, and versatility of the dancer. Training in all genres will produce a well-rounded dancer with the experience needed to pursue a potential career in dance. Our aim is to bring out the fun and joyfulness of dance to young children and to help them in developing their confident, creativity, intelligent, motivation, artistic appreciation, vital skills and passion towards dance.

Origin of Pointe Dance

Pointe & Music Studio was founded by Ms. Fion Too with the aim to raise the quality of dance education in Malaysia. The focuses of the school’s dance programs are to give an all-rounded ballet education to young children and young adults.


Our Faculty

Pointe & Music Dance Academy is staffed with a faculty of experienced and dedicated instructors that are fully qualified to submit students for RAD and CSTD exams. With in-depth knowledge of the dance form they are teaching, our teachers provide the highest quality in teaching skills and will do their utmost to impart their knowledge and with proper guidance, which is our priority.

Established Facilities

Pointe & Music Dance Academy is well equipped with exam requirement sprung dance floor and is safe for all types of dance execution. We strive and aim to groom our students to become not only as dedicated dancers but as successful individuals, by nurturing the essential qualities for them to succeed in all areas of life.